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Controls Supply Chain also supplies gas and oil heaters from Ermaf. Ermaf’s history started about 40 years ago and the company has undergone a number of transformations in the meantime. Ermaf has developed heating solutions especially for use in intensive livestock farming (chickens, turkeys and pigs). In addition, solutions are also supplied for greenhouse applications. Ermaf supplies various solutions for the petrochemical and process industry. Ermaf supplies special stoves with stainless steel parts worldwide and have a very good reputation. The equipment is of course of extremely high quality and is therefore also durable. The intelligent burners are safe, environmentally friendly and economically very attractive. Interrupting work because something is defective from Ermaf or because maintenance is required on Ermaf products means extra work for all involved. So it is important that such a break from work is kept to a minimum. This is where Controls Supply Chain comes in. Because we can respond adequately to any situation and can deliver products and parts quickly, we are the partner in the field of the petrochemical and process industry.

Ermaf supplies through Controls Supply Chain, among other things, manual valves and filters, pressure regulators, butterfly valves, pressure switches, combination controls, electronic flame detection and control, pilot burners and burners, further ignition and control equipment, thermoelectric protections, heating controllers , comfort control and measuring and testing equipment. .

If you need Ermaf products, please don’t hesitate to contact the sales department at